The Movement

The Case

Nationalities, colors, tastes and all their differentiation are the essence of fashion and design industry. Do not let limitations and sad orthodox backwardness intrude into our modern textile hearts.

One World

We all have one common place, small spot, “blue dot” in the universe, home.

Unite don't divide

It’s so easy to typecast and divide poeople, their ideas. But what about uniting?

Don't be afraid!

Be the CHANGE, be yourself! Only a self conscious human being can see beyond any limits.

The Movement

Join people like you! It’s so simple, does’nt take any effort. All you need is little bit of courage and tolerance.

It starts with You!

“The winner who gives the most light from himself to others.” That’s what Polish poet Adam Asnyk wrote for today’s idealists.

Spread it!



You can manifest your ideas, with your looks and apearance. Is there a better way to visualize your beliefs?

You’re the Change! 

  • The Cause is neccessary

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    The Cause is neccessary
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    Robert Gill
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    Juli Smith
    Manager, County Road Association

Join the Cause!

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi
It will only take “a moment” to support this movement.

All you have to do is simply  introduce yourself, your hobby,  your look, your great moments and hashtag them with:



Post Your message to your blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile, anywhere :).


You can also upload Your Photo directly to us and we will spread  the message. 

This way you will support the movement and express your attitude and dislike for divisions and prejudices.

Upload your media


  • It’s a simple movement based on an simple but long:) hashtag #StitchHasNoNationality. The goal is to spread Love and the virtues of reconciliation, unification.

  • “Do Something Now, if not you, who? If not here, where? If not now, when?” Theodore Roosevelt

  • It’s easy:) and will only take “a moment”. All you have to do is simply introduce yourself, your hobby, your look, your great moments and hashtag them with: #StitchHasNoNationality

    Than post Your message to your blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile, anywhere :).

  • No action is also an action:)! So decide, if you support something good or procrastinate:). Try to change something, take the first small step and maybe later on it’s gonna change to something big:)

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